Rapist/murderer, managed to escape to the US, brought back home to serve sentence

As the wheels of TK726 touched the tarmac at Tribhuvan International Airport on Wednesday morning, a victim’s family’s long quest for justice finally came to an end. In the plane was Leela... Read more »
Left: Anil Pradhan with the drone (Facebook); Right: Elephants in a jungle (Reference only)

Jhapa has a wild elephant problem. A 12th grader found an ingenious solution.

Jhapa in eastern Nepal has a wild elephant problem – or a human-elephant conflict we may say. About 152 km area – from south-east Kachankawal Rural Municipality to east-north Mechi Municipality’s Bahundangi... Read more »

The President may have chosen to fly, but the Vice President did not – so, the public suffered.

No sooner had we finished drafting the article asking the public if President Bhandari’s decision to fly to the airport was a good idea, we learn her decision did not make a... Read more »

But ‘Gaidas are Gaidas’: PM Oli

It seems like 2015 – when PM Oli was being made fun of for certain comments about ‘rhinos’ and ‘gaidas’. However, this time, it seems his theory has further evolved to other... Read more »

What you can do? Support Rabi Lamichhane. What you should not? Disrespect the dead.

The public sentiment for Rabi Lamichhane is high – at such times, when availability of information is abundant, it makes it all the more important to assess information critically. When expressing support... Read more »

New objections for a ‘No Objection Letter’ – can’t get one before completing grade 12, can’t get one for ‘short’ courses

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology via a circular has said students have to complete grade 12 before going abroad to pursue higher education and that they will not be issuing... Read more »

“Delete your page and we will withdraw the case”- Director Chams to Meme Nepal

The arrest of Pranesh Gautam while raising important questions in the context of ‘freedom of speech’, is also exhibiting severe fault lines of a biased police investigation – despite lack of credible... Read more »
The figure in this image, known only as "tank man," became a symbol of resistance. REUTERS/Arthur Tsang/Files

Every Nepali should know about the 1989 Tiananmen Square incident

30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square incident evokes different memories in me. To a large extent, the learning of the incident, and the resulting learning of the oppression of the Chinese regime... Read more »

Solukhumbu: Biplab’s police post seizure a rumour, government increases surveillance

The Ministry of Home Affairs has denied reports that claim cadres of Biplab attempted to seize a police station in Solokhumbu district on Sunday night. However, they also said that Biplab’s activities... Read more »

Nepal (mostly) bandh, bombs kill their own in an am/pm timer confusion*, security tightened nationwide

Although Kathmandu residents continue to defy Communist Party of Nepal’s nationwide strike, other parts of the nation are unable to do the same. The strike which is being enforced by the former... Read more »