Minister Mahaseth promises ‘Chabahil – Sankhu’ stretch will be repaired by Aug 28

Done the ‘Chabahil – Bouddha – Jorpati – Sankhu’ stretch recently? That stretch has become the butt of jokes in social media, however, imagine the woes of daily commuters? With the monsoons... Read more »

2 kidnappers, murderers, of an 11 year old killed in police encounter

Metro Police have informed they have identified, traced and killed two kidnappers in an encounter in Bhaktapur at near Ghyampe Danda today. The two killed were the alleged kidnappers of a eleven... Read more »

Missing, Raped, Killed, Found, Protested, Clashes, Compensated, Burnt, Silenced: A timeline of Kanchanpur Rape Incident

Kanchanpur Rape Incident: A timeline  Day 6: Silenced  After days of protests, activists demanding swift and harsh justice (with the exception of Nepali Congress) have been disheartened. “The family members have been... Read more »

NMA to halt all medical services except emergency services until Dr. K.C is heard by govt

Expressing solidarity and lending great support towards Dr. KC’s fight against widespread commercialisation and corruption plaguing the health education sector, Nepal Medical Association has said ‘it shall halt all medical services across... Read more »

Dr K.C Hunger Strike – Day 25: Govt agree to certain points as doctor’s health worsens

Representatives of Dr. K.C and a government team met today to discuss the demands put forward by Dr. K.C. It is being said the government has agreed to certain points and the... Read more »

Dr. K.C hunger strike – Day 24: Health critical, govt indifferent

Fasting Dr. K.C has reached day 24 – one more day and he will break all previous records set by himself. Doctors at the hospital have expressed concern over the doctor’s deteriorating... Read more »

Dr. K.C fast unto death – Day 23: No progress on talks

Day 23 of Dr. Govinda K.C’s 15th hunger strike is almost over, yet solutions no where near. His supporters may be increasing by the day, yet the government and the doctor are... Read more »

Shifting the blame, PM Oli accuses other parties of politicising Dr. K.C’s case

Speaking at Pokhara University’s 19th general meeting in Pokhara, PM Oli defended claims the government was not concerned about Dr. K.C’s health. He however made no mention of how the government was... Read more »

Dept of Foreign Employment to add three offices outside valley

Ministry of Labour and Employment – Department of Foreign Employment has decided to add offices in three cities to facilitate faster and smoother issuance of work permits. According to recently elected Minister... Read more »