Nirmala Panta Rape Case: National Forensic Science Laboratory to ‘re-examine’ DNA sample

The Home Ministry in another attempt to answer ‘unsolved questions’ has asked the National Forensic Science Laboratory in Khumaltar to investigate the DNA sample collected from the vaginal swab of Nirmala Panta.... Read more »
Home Minister Thapa in a pit (image slightly altered, credit: Facebook)

‘Not the first Home Minister, not the last’

So we hear people are angry about Home Minister Thapa’s words – he said that ‘rapes in Nepal have happened yesterday, is happening as we speak, and will happen tomorrow’. Well, typing... Read more »

Nirmala and mother’s DNA match

The blood sample collected from Durga Devi Panta, mother of 13 years old murdered teenager Nirmala Panta, to cross verify her DNA with her murdered daughter, has matched with the DNA sample... Read more »

Dr Govinda Kc postpones hunger strike

Dr Govinda KC has postponed his 16th hunger strike, following the government’s assurance to endorse the proposed Medical Education Bill. The ruling Nepal Communist Party and the opposition Nepali Congress however are... Read more »

151 days since justice has been delayed

Sunday, the 23rd of December marked 150 days since the death after rape of a 13 year old girl in Kanchanpur District, Nepal. The 150 days have been a witness to a... Read more »

UN special rapporteur says ‘Nirmala’ a test case for Nepal, and much more

Concluding her 10 day visit to Nepal, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women Dubravka Simonovic on Thursday spoke of a myriad of issues, the most important take away being the case... Read more »

MRR initiates ‘justice campaign’ for Nirmala Panta

Remember waking up to PM Oli’s face the other day? Like we said in an earlier article – it could backfire. Well, it has. Activists of a Facebook page by the name... Read more »
Venue of sit-in protest in Kanchanpur

Nirmala Panta’s parents sit-in protest redraws attention to case

Frustrated with the inability of the authorities’ to provide their daughter justice, the parents of Nirmala Panta initiated a 24 hour sit-in protest in front of the District Administration Office, Kanchanpur from... Read more »

Parents of Nirmala begin ‘sit-in’ protest until justice delivered

Parents of Nirmala Panta, Yagya Raj Panta (father) and Durga Devi (mother) after having appealed for justice for their daughter to a police constable of the police department, to the Prime Minister... Read more »

Nirmala Panta Rape Case: Govt to take action against SP Bista

The decision to take departmental action against SP Dilli Raj Bista will be taken within a couple of days, according to top government sources who said the officer was visibly negligent in... Read more »