Hong Kong Protest: Police break through and make several arrests

Hong Kong Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets this afternoon in an attempt to detain and force back those protesters cornered inside the Polytechnic University campus after a chaotic night. Police... Read more »

Hong Kong: Protesters plan for more protests; two critically injured after weekend clashes

Two men are reported to be in a critical condition on Monday after another weekend of unrest and clashes between riot police and anti-government protesters in Hong Kong. Riot police stormed shopping... Read more »

Hong Kong: Protesters vandalise Xinhua agency as protests stretch to 22nd week

Police fired tear gas at black-clad protesters across Hong Kong on Saturday after they set fire to metro stations and vandalized buildings including China‚Äôs official Xinhua news agency in some of the... Read more »

Hong Kong protesters to rally after another night of violence

Following another night of violent clashes with Hong Kong Police, Hong Kong protesters are preparing to join a global “anti-totalitarian” rally on Sunday. Police used pepper sprays to break protesters in the... Read more »