Police arrest former Parliament Speaker Mahara

Immediate past Parliament speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara has been arrested by police over the allegation of sexual harassment ahead of the country’s great festival, Dashain. A team of police from the Metropolitan... Read more »

#MeTooNepal – Two women accuse Keshav Sthapit, ex-KMC mayor of sexual harassment; Sthapit denies

#MeToo movement after taking Hollywood by a storm was followed by a #MeTooIndia movement, and it did it a similar thing – exposed the shameless acts of exploitation of power, in most... Read more »

China’s most high-profile monks accused of sexually harassing nuns

A high-ranking Chinese monk has denied accusations he sexually harassed nuns and coerced them into sex by “controlling their minds”. Abbot Xuecheng’s alleged actions were detailed in a report sent to government... Read more »

Morgan Freeman ‘Devastated’ by Reports of Sexual Harassment: ‘I Did Not Assault Women’

Morgan Freeman is speaking out again amid reports of his allegedly inappropriate sexual behavior towards women. “I am devastated that 80 years of my life is at risk of being undermined, in the... Read more »